Create a one month calendar with events on it in Python

There are several libraries in Python that you can use to create a one-month calendar with events on it. Here is one example of how to use the calendar module to create a one-month calendar in Python:

import calendar
from datetime import date

# Get the current month and year
now =
month = now.month
year = now.year

# Create a calendar
cal = calendar.monthcalendar(year, month)

# Add events to the calendar
events = {(3, 7): 'Event 1', (5, 14): 'Event 2'}

for week in cal:
    for day, event in events.items():
        if day in week:
            week[week.index(day)] = f"{day} *{event}*"

In this example, calendar.monthcalendar(year, month) creates a calendar for the current month and year. The events dictionary is used to store the events that you want to add to the calendar, where the keys are tuples representing the day and month of the event and the values are the event names.

Then, the script iterates over the weeks in the calendar and for each week, iterates over the events dictionary to find events that fall within that week. If an event falls within that week, the script replaces the corresponding day in the week with the event name. Finally, it prints the calendar with events marked on it.

You can also use other libraries like pandas and python-caldendar to get this done and add more features like multiple events on same day, or format the calendar or print it in different layout.

You can also change this script to print out the calendar as an HTML table using a library like beautifulsoup4 and html in order to format it more nicely, or even to display it in a GUI using a library like tkinter or pyqt5.