Add an advanced hover effect to a column in Elementor

To add an advanced hover effect to a column in Elementor, you can use custom CSS and JavaScript. Here’s an example of some basic CSS and JavaScript code that will create a hover effect that scales up the entire column and changes the background color on hover:


/* Scale up the entire column on hover */
.elementor-column:hover {
    transform: scale(1.2);
/* Add a background color on hover */
.elementor-column:hover {
    background-color: #ff0000; /* Replace with the desired hover color */
/* Add a transition */
.elementor-column {
    transition: all 0.3s ease;


// Add class on hover
}, function(){

You can add this code to your website by going to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS, paste the CSS code there and create a new javascript file and paste the javascript code inside it. Then enqueue the javascript file in the theme’s functions.php file.

This code targets the default class that Elementor uses for columns, “elementor-column”, and applies the hover effect to it. The javascript code is adding a class ‘hovered’ on hover and removing it when hover is over which will be useful if you want to style the elements inside the column differently after hover is done.

Keep in mind that it’s possible to add unique class name to the column element in Elementor editor, so you can style them individually.

Please note that this is only an example and the final result might vary based on the context of your website, the CSS classes and selectors used, and other factors. Also make sure that your theme supports javascript as it might cause conflict with some themes.